Ranjana Beni School

In 2023, the focus of the AAN trip was to help with and celebrate the completion of Juniper Trust’s 20th school in the remote village of Ranjana Devi, marking the culmination of a seven-and-a-half-year journey. Our group contributed to the finishing touches of the three-classroom school block and delivered uniforms and essential school equipment for the children.

In addition to the work at Ranjana Devi, three members of the team—Chris and Justin, retired educators from the UK’s Lake District, along with their daughter Holly—organized teacher training sessions for 30 teachers from 10 schools in the Kinja Valley. Our group also showed support at 8 nearby schools, organizing Fun Days for the children and distributing notebooks, whiteboards, pens, pencils, and other necessary supplies.

To complete an action-packed trip, the group also contributed to repairing two classrooms in the main building at Maili School that had remained damaged for seven years post-earthquake, with missing walls and a leaking roof.

Ranjana Beni School 2023


Completion of Ranjana Devi School ; Repair of 2 classrooms at Maili School ; Teacher Training for 30 teachers ; Organizing Fun Days and distributing uniforms and equipment at 8 schools ;
Climbing Pikey Peak and trekking to Thyangboche, Everest Region

Ranjana Devi School and several schools in the Kinja Valley, Everest Foothills and Syangboche

£5,000 raised for uniforms and school equipment for Ranjana Devi School and for teacher/learning aids for 8 schools

Ranjana Beni School 2023