Founders of Adventure Aid Nepal

Sam’s first visit to Nepal was when he was just 8 years old, travelling with his family on a trek in Langtang. His next visit was 12 years later in the autumn of 2015, following the devastating earthquake which destroyed thousands of lives across the country, tearing apart schools, homes and families. Sam was among the first to trek to the Everest and Annapurna areas following the earthquake, he witnessed first-hand the devastation that left over a million children without a school.

It was on this trip that Sam met Abhishek Pandey from Kathmandu. Abhishek had volunteered to help the Juniper Trust locate and rebuild ten schools, focusing on areas that would receive little or no other funding. Incredibly, 18 months later, the ten schools were complete and over 2000 children were back at school with new shoes, uniforms and equipment.

Together, in Nov 2017, they organised a group of their friends and volunteers to go back to these remote villages, to help where needed at the existing schools, help build new ones and take badly needed equipment, uniforms and equipment for the children. Adventure Aid Nepal was born. The energy and inspiration continued with trips in 2018 and 2019 and 2022 after a break due to the COVID restrictions. 2023 will be their fifth year of taking volunteers to Nepal.

Abhishek Pandey & Sam Rowley

Partner of Adventure Aid Nepal

When you join a trip with Adventure Aid Nepal, part of your fundraising contribution will support planting fruit trees in the areas where you volunteer. Adventure Aid Nepal recognizes the importance of reforestation and ecological conservation. Additionally, £50 of your holiday payment will be donated to Nepal Evergreen, helping offset the carbon footprint of your trek and international flight. By participating in Adventure Aid Nepal’s trips, you enjoy a memorable experience while actively contributing to environmental sustainability efforts. Together, we can make a positive impact and foster sustainable practices for the future.


Partner of Adventure Aid Nepal

Himalayan Expeditions, the organizer of Nepal’s Edmund Hillary Marathon, is a premier adventure travel company in Nepal, specializing in mountaineering, trekking peaks, high and low altitude treks, cultural and religious tourism, with over three decades of experience. They actively support Adventure Aid Nepal and The Juniper Trusts initiatives, as part of their commitment to sustainable travel and Nepal’s preservation. They take no administrative expenses to organise the Adventure Aid Nepal Trips