Garjyang, Uma Kunda & Janasewa Schools

In 2016, following the earthquake in April 2015, the Juniper Trust set itself an ambitious target of rebuilding 10 schools in Nepal which was completed by November 2016, thanks to an amazing effort of volunteers in Nepal. News spread fast and the Juniper trust continued to receive several requests from villages still without a school, almost two years after the earthquake. Garjyang Village lies in a remote valley that seldom sees visitors and they requested help to rebuild a 6-classroom school for their 200+ children. The Juniper Trust agreed to do the school rebuild and work commenced in April 2017.

Adventure Aid Nepal was started in 2017 and a group of volunteers helped with the finishing touches in November 2017. The group also helped build a septic tank at Uma Kunda School and add new toilets at Janassewa School. The group raised £10,000 which paid for uniforms, bags, shoes and schools’ equipment for over 300 children across all three schools.


School renovation trek

Uma Kunda & Janasewa Schools
Garjyang Village

£10,000 – THANK YOU!