Siruwa, Saraswati & Namuna Schools

The success of the Juniper Trust’s school rebuilding programme continued in 2018, rebuilding three more primary schools in villages devastated by the 2015 earthquake. The schools, in the remote villages of Siruwa, Saraswati and Namuna, are situated in the remote foothills of the Mountain Everest Region, over a four hour walk from the nearest roadhead. Each have around 50 students and were still using temporary shelters for their education, two years on. The £30,000 needed to rebuild all three schools was funded through fundraising by the Juniper Trust.

The 2018 AAN group helped make the finishing touches to the rebuilding, painting and decorating the classrooms, making furniture and raised £5000 to provide new uniforms and equipment for all the children.


School renovation trek

Siruwa, Saraswati & Namuna Schools
Kinja Valley, Everest Foothills

£5,000 fundraising target for uniforms and school equipment