Travelling with Adventure Aid Nepal is more than a one-off trip. The amazing footprint you will leave behind is a lifelong one, for everyone involved: you and the people you connect to. By combining an exciting adventure trip and voluntary work through our sustainable tourism approach, you will make a better life for yourself and for the people from Nepal. A trip with Adventure Aid Nepal is a unique way to experience travelling with a close connection to both local people and a team of volunteers from around the world. Your experiences will be meaningful and unforgettable.



Choosing sustainable tourism through volunteering will help you to:

Adventure and Aid

  • by setting up your own fundraising challenge to buy uniforms and equipment for the schools you will be visiting
  • by helping the group reach a group fundraising target (no individual requirement)
  • by volunteering at the schools
  • by meeting local children and families
  • by planting fruit trees
  • by interacting with a community
  • by joining a well organised adventure trip
  • by learning new skills and cultures
  • by living, eating, playing, working with children and villagers
  • by living the spirit with fun!

We hope to raise £10,000 to purchase and deliver new uniforms and equipment for the 100 children at Ranjana Beni School and for three of the schools built by Juniper Trust in 2019 (it costs just £25 to giver a child new hope with a school uniform, shoes, rucksack, pencils and books), buy much needed school equipment and to provide books for a school library. We will also buy and help plant 3,000 fruit saplings during our visit. This is a group fundraising target, there is no individual requirement and no lower or upper limit to what you can raise. Fundraising initiatives will be shared on the AAN Facebook and Instagram pages.


Adventure Aid Nepal is a non-profit organisation that combines both volunteering projects and adventure.  We offer safe, responsible, affordable and sustainable low-impact volunteering to support the poorest communities, particularly schools and children, that have received very little outside help since the earthquake of 2015.

The Juniper Trust, (UK No. 1053356, Established 1994), is working with Adventure Aid Nepal and other partners, to raise money to rebuild 20 schools in Nepal,  19 have been rebuilt so far, the latest was in 2021 in Maili Village.  The Juniper Trust is raising money to rebuild its 20th school in the village of Ranjana Beni, approximately 100km from Kathmandu close to the many of the previous schools they have rebuilt.

Any donations to AAN will be channelled through our Just Giving Page to the Juniper Trust, a charity completely run by volunteers where 100% of donations go towards the projects will be supporting on your trip.